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: Graphic Designers
Duration2 days or 4 half-day sessions

Cost: Call for Individual or Group Pricing

Prerequisite: Basic design skills

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InDesign Course Description
Adobe InDesign is classified as a desktop publishing application created for professional desktop designers. Adobe InDesign is a high-end design program incorporating text and graphics to create magazines, newsletters, advertising layouts, brochures, booklets and a lot more.

 Adobe InDesign Syllabus
(Covers CS3 & CS4 versions)

Unit 1: Getting started
Topic A: The Adobe InDesign environment
Topic B: Basic documents
Topic C: Item position

Unit 2: Structuring multi-page documents
Topic A: Multi-page documents
Topic B: Master pages

Unit 3: Typesetting
Topic A: Text frame threading
Topic B: Paragraph formatting
Topic C: Styles

Unit 4: Modifying items
Topic A: Text frames
Topic B: Graphics
Topic C: Grouped items
Topic D: Layers

Unit 5: Finalizing documents
Topic A: Outputting documents
Topic B: Commercial printing preparation
Topic C: Adobe Bridge

Appendix A: Preferences
Topic A: InDesign preferences
Topic B: Document settings