Computer Specialist
Diploma Program

Computer Support Specialist - Diploma Program
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Computer Support Specialist
Diploma Program

Licensed by the FL Department of Education.

General Description -Computer Support Specialist program is a hands-on, instructor-led training program focusing on Microsoft Office Applications, QuickBooks and Adobe graphics software programs. Software applications learned are: Microsoft Office basic to advanced levels and QuickBooks small business accounting. (See course list)

Become Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS)
The Microsoft Office Certification credential is achieved when passing four application exams. Get Certified in Word, Excel, PowerPoint & Outlook and Access. Microsoft Certified Application Specialist participants are required to pass a MCAS certification. All books and reference materials are Microsoft Office Approved Curriculum.

Medical Billing & Coding with Medical Manager - Learn the latest in medical office terminology and billing with Medical Manager. 

QuickBooks Pro Course and QuickBooks User Certification

Anticipated Job Positions after Completion - Administrative Assistant, Executive Assistant, Office Manager, Office Specialist, Secretary Specialist, Help desk

Resume Writing & Job Search Assistance - Included with the training is a private resume writing session and job search assistance. Qualified candidates are also given a personal reference by the Director.

Length of Course - 8 months

Who may apply?  Open to applicants who desire a career transition to work in professional office environment. Call for an appointment, 239-278-3833.

 Course List

QuickBooks Pro Course & User Certification-  Set-up the chart of accounts, understand how the chart of accounts is connected to all QuickBooks transactions, learn cash vs. accrual bookkeeping, create general ledgers, set-up sub accounts, enter & edit customers, vendor & employee lists. Customize lists for data collection and reporting.

Medical Manager - Learn the latest in medical office terminology and billing with Medical Manager. 

WRD1 Word Level 1 - Description: Word Level 1 is a prerequisite to Word Level 2. Learn many important features that go beyond basic letter writing and editing. Discover "hidden" shortcuts and editing skills that are essential for productive word processing. Word Level 1 is a recommended prerequisite to FrontPage and PowerPoint.

WRD2 Word Level 2 - Description: Progress to Word's important formatting and design features. Shortcuts learned in Word Level 1 will be used in Level 2. Tools learned are outlines, bullets and numbering, headers and footers, drawing tools, clip art and advanced letter formatting.

EXL1 Excel Level 1 - Introductory (Instructor-led class, 10 clock hours)
Description: Excel level 1 gives you a solid foundation for building and formatting spreadsheets. Tools learned are autosum, autofit, autoformat, autofill. Create formulas using relative cell addressing and absolute cell addressing.

EXL2 Excel Level 2 - Intermediate  Description: Excel Level 2 covers complex formulas and database features. The tools leaned are advanced formulas, database analysis, password protecting a file and worksheet, charts and graphs.

PWR1 PowerPoint Level 1 - Description: Create and plan an effective presentation using the following PowerPoint tools: Enter and format slide text, create new slides using all slide templates, edit slides using different views, choose a theme for your presentation and edit an existing theme to make your presentation unique.

ACC1 Access Level 1 - Description: Access is a database manager. Learn how Access functions as a data collection and analysis program. Create and modify a table structure, create queries to extract data and create a visual report to view the data. Understand Boolean logic to extract the data you need to analyze. Create & modify forms to simplify data entry. Learn to generate reports from tables and/or queries.

ACC2 Access Level 2 - Intermediate Description: Access Level 2 starts with understanding database relationships. Create multiple queries based on joined tables. Sort queries with multiple fields and continue to develop more advanced queries. Learn to create forms with sub forms based on table relationships. Make forms more powerful by adding command buttons and controls.

OUT1 Outlook Level 1 - Introductory  Description: Learn to use Outlook as an electronic day-timer. Manage e-mail and business contacts. Create appointments, manage tasks and record recurring events such as monthly meeting. Create folders to organize contacts.

 Computer Support Specialist
Diploma Program