Description: View Course Syllabus
: Professionals who want to organize their Outlook.
Duration: 2 half-days

Price: Call for Indv. or Group Pricing

Outlook 2010 Course Syllabus

Part I:  E-mail - Learn the Shortcuts in Outlook E-mail

  • Create Folders to organize e-mail.
  • Create a Rule to store mail in specific folders
  • Colorize incoming e-mail
  • Create a Group in Address Book
  • Assign e-mail message to a category
  • Create an Attachment or drag file from My Documents to Inbox
  • E-Mail shortcut: Drag Contact to Inbox
  • Add to e-mail to contact via Reply
  • Reply options flag, high, low, receipt
  • Review E-mail Options Area
  • Sending E-Mail in the correct format: Tools, Options, Mail Format, HTML or RTF
  • Word format, Stationary Picker, Signature Picker

Part II: The Calendar

  • Schedule an Appointment
  • Schedule a Recurring Appointment
  • Schedule and respond to meeting requests
  • Plan an Event Meetings
  • Invite others to a meeting

 Part III: Contact Management

  • Create a new contact
  • Creating Folders to Organize Contacts
  • Move Contacts to folders
  • Assign Categories to Contacts by Highlighting
  • Mail Merge contacts
  • E-mail a contact
  • Assigning a Task to a contact
  • Make an Appointment with a contact
  • Schedule a Meeting with a contact