Description: PowerPoint 2010
: Users who need to create a pesentation ASAP.
Price: Call for Indv. or Group

Duration: 3 half days

PowerPoint 2010 Course Syllabus

  • Create and plan an effective presentation
  • Enter and format slide text
  • Create new slides using all slide templates
  • Edit slides using different views
  • Edit imported photos within PowerPoint
  • Choose a theme for your presentation
  • Edit an existing theme to make your presentation unique
  • Create a master slide for your logo to appear on all slides
  • Add headers and footers to identify slides
  • Insert a logo to your master page
  • Insert an Excel chart into a slide
  • Insert clip art on-line, from the gallery or from Google. 
  • Draw and edit objects with the drawing toolbar
  • Add page transitions and animation
  • Add Custom Animation
  • Add Video to slides