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Audience: Users who want to learn the core tools of Photoshop.
Duration: 4 half-day sessions, 12 classroom hours.

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In this course, you'll use the several tools and features of Photoshop to enhance photos and edit images. You will explore the Photoshop interface using layers and filters to create special effects. Additionally, you will learn masking techniques and blending modes to create striking designs for print or web.

Course Syllabus (CS5 & CS6 versions)

Unit 1: Getting started
Topic A: File types
Topic B: The Photoshop environment

Unit 2: Working with Image Selections
Topic A: Selection techniques
Topic B: Modifying selections

Unit 3: Layers
Topic A: Creating layers
Topic B: Modifying layers
Topic C: Type layers
Topic D: Layer effects

Unit 4: Adjustment Layers
Topic A: Image modes
Topic B: Hue/Saturation adjustments
Topic C: Levels adjustments

Unit 5: Retouching
Topic A: Repairing image defects
Topic B: Painting
Topic C: The Background Eraser
Topic D: Filters

Unit 6: Resizing images
Topic A: Image resolution
Topic B: Image canvas size

Unit 7: Preparing finished images
Topic A: Images for Web use
Topic B: Images for print use


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