Crystal Reports Level 2

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Audience: Users who want to learn more about Crystal Reports.
Price: $280.00 (Book sold separately)

Duration: 2 half-days

Crystal Reports Level 2 - Course Syllabus

  • Creating and using parameter fields
  • Using and Edit Mask in a parameter field
  • Creating and using a pick list in a parameter field
  • Creating and using subreports
  • Adding, merging, and deleting report sections
  • Adding hyperlinks
  • Adding OLE objects
  • Using variables
  • Using arrays
  • Using ranges
  • Creating a formula that uses multiple functions
  • Using Evaluation Time functions
  • Using For and While constructs
  • Creating dictionaries, and creating reports from them
  • Using ODBC to access different types of databases
  • Using Crystal SQL Designer to create SQL queries
  • Using queries to create reports
  • Creating, modifying and deleting Report Alerts
  • Creating and modifying charts
$ 280.00
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