Access 2007 - Level 2

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Audience:    Prerequisite: Access Level 1 or similar experience.

Duration3 half-days - 9 hours

Access Level 2 - Description:  Go beyond Access Level 1 and move into table relationships.  Create multiple queries based on joined tables. Sort queries with multiple fields and continue to develop more advanced queries. Learn to create forms with sub forms based on table relationships. Make forms more powerful by adding command buttons and controls. Apply advanced level formatting to reports. Add formulas to reports to get subtotals and grand totals

Course Syllabus

  • Create table relationships.
  • Create multiple table queries based on table relationships.
  • Sort a query with multiple fields.
  • Develop advanced and/or queries.
  • Build summary, cross tab, calculated and pivot table queries.
  • Develop forms and sub forms based on table relationships.
  • Modify sub forms by using option groups, combo boxes and command buttons.
  • Apply advanced formatting to reports.
  • Modify report properties.
  • Create formula calculations in a report.
  • Export/import data to and from Excel.
  • Import and export data in different formats.
  • Merge a database with Word template.  
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